Winter Senior Pictures in Montana! Yes, it can (and is) done often!

One of the biggest questions I get from high school seniors is this: I love fall and winter fashion. But, can I have my senior portraits done in the winter? Is that even possible?

The answer is a big, giant, huge, YES! Snowy, seasonal senior pictures are not only doable, but more unique because most people have their senior portraits done in the summer.

The truth is this:

Fashion is highly based on adding layers of clothing and making it all “work” together. In the summer we don’t wear as many layers because of the heat. Nor is it practical to do so. But winter portraits have a MUST for layers, and the layers add together to make a more fashionable look.

But won’t it be cold?

It’s true – a few weeks out of the year we have arctic-like temperatures that sometimes don’t get above zero! But most of the time, the temperature is in the 30’s or even 40’s, and we know the right locations to go to that will shield you from the wind and give you the most sunshine! Add that to all of the cute layers you’ll be wearing, plus traveling in a warm car for 2-3 locations, and it’s really not bad at all, but really really FUN! And if it IS freezing, we can work with you to find a day that will work better.

But won’t I miss the yearbook photo deadline?

Nope, you won’t! We are magical like that 😉

Actually, what we do is we have you come into the studio before the yearbook photo is due for a mini senior session that will give you 8-10 choices of awesome closeup portraits. That is where you will choose your yearbook photo, and then we will schedule your full-on senior session for the winter!

These girls look great – how do I make sure I have these types of fashion looks?

Every senior portrait session that books us gets our Senior Style Guide – a more than 70 page style guide that will help you dress for your body shape, skin tone, give you the hottest fashion trends with example photos, and even tell you where you can shop to get those looks!

I’m not from Montana – can I still book you for a winter senior portrait session?

Yes! Every year we book high school seniors from across the country at ALL times of the year. Drop us a line at, and we can talk to you about the best times to come to Montana for your winter senior session! We know when there will be snow but the temperature is still mild, so you can be the most comfortable!

What next? How do I book you?

We’re glad you asked! Contact us below and let us know you’re interested in more information!

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