[Real Time Granite Mountain / Speculator Fire Updates]

***Between today, 6/8 and Sunday, 6/11 I’ll be posting in real time the letters and events from 100 years ago, along with some images from the current date.


When you look out your window, drive in the streets or just go for a walk – think about this for a moment…the light on the mountains, the blooms on the tree, the sky, the temperature, the smell of the trees…


This feeling is what, 100 years ago TODAY 168, men woke up to, as usual.


Their wives, children, mothers, brothers, sisters, co-workers woke up, as usual.


Or perhaps they were just getting off a shift.


They spent the day as usual.


Likely not knowing it would be the last daylight they would ever see.


They kissed their wives, their children.


They looked out the window at what we today see – the trees FINALLY green with spring, the pink and white blossoms falling away…


It was a day probably like all of the rest – probably taken for granted with not much time for reflection – a “normal” day…


…a day that when they entered the mine that night and realized there was no getting out, they would probably replay in their mind…


That brief kiss on the cheek to their wives became more, meant more, and perhaps could have been longer…the slobbery kiss from a 2-year old became so much more…


The moments we ourselves take for granted every day (myself especially included) that are meant to be savored and enjoyed, but instead are “routine” and go unnoticed.


Sometimes it takes a tragedy that happened 100 years ago to REALLY notice it. We all “know” it, we’re bombarded with quotes on a daily basis on social media, but it doesn’t seem like something that could happen to us.

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