This One's


For the overextended.

The overhwlemd.

The flustered & Frazzled.

The put my kids and husband first and leave no time for me – women. For the circus-plate-spinner mom. For the hard at work, hard at home mom. For the moms who give 110% to everything but herself.

For the woman who doesn’t have time to smell the roses.

My beautiful little monsters...I mean kids.

For the Moms who...

Are too busy shuffling kids from sport to sport to notice that their baby is not a baby anymore..

Her little girl is not a little girl.

Cuddling time is now play-with-friends time.

Bedtime stories are now gossip on my cell phone with my friends stories.

For the frantic, hectic, at-wits-end mom wanting to slow things down.

Slow down her mind, the pace, the day, the clock.

Slow dance to slow Jamz (in a deep voice, Ooooooh Yeaaaaaah.)

But most of all, for the moms who want to slow the kids from growing up.

That live in silent fear that one day they’ll wake up, and cuddling won’t be an option anymore.

I feel ya, lady.

Because the scariest part of my job?

Is photographing high school seniors, and hearing their moms say, “I can’t believe it is senior year,” and then watching them pretend not to cry during the viewing session (that’s right, I SEE you wipe your eyes…I KNOW you aren’t scratching your nose). Not because I did such a cry-worthy job, but because their baby is all grown up, and I know that some day my kids will too.

It’s reality hitting me like the spit blob dripping from my son’s mouth that hits me smack dab in the mouth (that has happened to you too, right?)

This cuddling, kissing, hugging, smothering thing my boys love right now?

Not so much when they’re teens.


I have GOT to have proof that these moments existed.

Or better? Have blackmail when their first prom date comes over in her gaudy, glittery prom gown.

Best? Relive those moments again.

And so I photograph my kids.

Duh, you’re thinking. You ARE a photographer.

Yeah, but I’m like the plumber with the leaky pipes. The shoe guy whose kids have no shoes (what’s that guy called again?). The vineyard owner who doesn’t have any wine (wait…that would never happen).

But you know what’s missing?

ME. And YOU. All moms in GENERAL.

OK. I’m not in love with my appearance right now. Is anybody really ever?

I know what you're thinking...what do you mean, YOU don't love what you look like 100%? What's not to love?
Lookin good with my son during our Awkward Senior Photo event. I didn't have to try hard at ALL.

But guess what?

You know the one species of small human beings that doesn’t give a crap about what we look like? That will NEVER secretly say, “oh man, she’s sure had a few donuts?”

Your kids. Those little tiny mini versions of you.

They love you unconditionally. Like literally, unless you are clinically insane, and even then? They absolutely think the world, the universe, the space-time-continuum of you. (I watched a lot of Star-Trek as a kid. Blame it on my Dad.)

And some day?

The only thing they will want is a real, genuine, laughing, giggling, squealing photo of you so that they can feel what their childhood was like again.

That's right. You're all thinking, "ooh, this is a special treat for me, photos, yay!"

But really? The photos are for them.

Because in 20 years?

You’ll be 20 years older. And so will they.

And you can never, ever, “neva-eva-eva”

get to meet and feel and squeal with your kids at that age again.

Deep breath.

I know,

I’m getting a little deep on you, eh?

What’s a Mom to do, then?

Get photos taken, and get them taken often with YOU in them! And not just professional photos…I’m talking about giving your husband/boyfriend/partner the camera a few times. You need to EXIST in the past!

And when you think you want something worthy of hanging on your wall? You know who to call 😉

And a few tips, since now you are going to be photographed all the time by everybody, and NEED to look like the Diva that you are….

You don’t need to be a model to look smokin’ hot in photos.

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Random Facts

  • I have a dog named Millie – DOG LOVER HERE!

  • I secretly hate it when an old building is being remodeled – I LOVE peeling paint and old door knobs!

  • I’m addicted to Starbucks…Iced Mocha’s, no whip!

  • To me, heaven is exploring an abandoned building with ancient artifacts…each item tells its own story

  • I believe in Butte…its people, its history, everything.

  • Its not an adventure unless you are worried the ceiling or floor boards might cave in at any given moment.

  • I can 80’s dance like nobody’s business! Well…that can be debated 😉

  • I heart If you need a good laugh, go there!

  • To me, weathered wood, layers of old wallpaper and dings in a wall are like wrinkles – beautiful because they tell a mysterious story of what once was.

  • I think a person is a made of their history – the people and places that once were…I love family land, an old Taxi company that was started by a great-grandfather, a quiet place you’ve enjoyed reading books at.