Come join the indoor snow fight + one of my most EMBARRASSING moments

11 years ago I woke up barely able to get out of bed. The day before, I crashed and burned…I slipped on the fake snow on the floor of my studio while photographing a few kids and adults. Oh yeah, and I was 7 months pregnant!

Imagine a 40-pounds heavier me, giant belly and all, walking forward, catching about  foot of air, and BOOM. Landing on my maternity-pants butt.

GHASP. There was silence.

“I’m cool! I’m good. That didn’t hurt!” I exclaimed, while barely being able to talk because I kinda sorta-a little bit got the wind knocked out of me.

Well – this year I’ve got the falling part covered! (think small carpets so its not slippery) And, I’m not pregnant (knock on wood…)

Intruducing….Drum Roll Please…

Fall Family Mini Sessions + snow kicker at the end.


Think 10-15 minute photo sessions to get a grand family portrait update for this year’s Holiday cards, AND the last 2-3 minutes will be a BLAST of throwing fake snow at each other! Your kids will love to get the chance to smash fake snow in your face and at each other.

That’s right, the first 10 or so minutes is for getting heartwarming, tickling, bear-hugging images of you and your family. The LAST 2-3 minutes is for getting rambunctious!

And you know what ALWAYS (ok…95% of the time) makes kids behave for family photos? The chance to do something rambunctious & naughty!

Who this is perfect for:

  • If you’ve been trying to drag your husband to family photos, but he isn’t diggin’ it…this is perfect! Short, sweet, AND fun!
  • If you’ve had a traditional, longer 45-60 minute family portrait session done in the past 1-2 years and don’t want to invest in a full on session, this is perfect for you.
  • If you love having your photos taken, SO MUCH that you do it multiple times a year, and this time you’d really just like a nice portrait for your Christmas Card and a few gifts, and you don’t want to go full on in for an album, this is perfect!
  • If you don’t know WHAT to get your parents for the Holidays, because, let’s face it, they buy everything they want! Then this is PERFECT for you! Photos are grandma’s DREAM for a Christmas gift!
  • If you ARE a grandparent, and want photos with your grandkids! Or, if you want to give one of these sessions as a “pre-holiday” gift…as a “hint-hint, nudge-nudge” for what YOU really want for Christ
  • If you just don’t have the time to put together everything for a full on portrait session. Where DID the year go? And now it’s almost Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and CHRISTMAS!


I’m only taking on 15 sessions, on Friday, Saturday and Monday November 17, 18 and 20th.

Family Photos + Snow Fight Kicker, Credit and Ornament

10-15 minute portrait session of your family showing off your warm, loving relationship. The last 2-3 minutes is the snow fight kicker! You’ll get to throw “fake” snow at each other and just go a little bit crazy!

$47 portrait credit toward your artwork of choice – great for hanging on your wall or giving as gifts (online ordering), and can also go toward a single digital file or multiple digital files for holiday cards and printing

Free 3×3 artists choice Metal Tree Ornament– so that every year, can remember how crazy, beautiful, insanely busy year 2023 was!

Price: $127

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