Socially Awkward Poetry – Write your Mom a MADlib here!

Your mom feels unappreciated.


Swept under the mat like the Cheerio crumbs that didn’t make it into the dust-pan.

So this mothers day, don’t say something stupid (I always say something stupid) like “Thanks for being a great mom” or “You’re the best” or as vague as “Thanks for always being there.” (Hint: the mooshy fake poetry in the cards at CVS don’t count as your words)

Because stupid things like that?

Won’t score you enough brownie points to get extra extra-free babysitting nights from her.

Introducing Mama MAD Libs

So you can say what you really mean, without having to think with that brain in your over-sized head.

Just fill out the form, and we’ll email you something your mom is gonna DIE over! She’ll laugh, cry, and maybe ban you from ever posting something to her facebook page again.

Sample filled out Mama MAD Lib from yours truly:


Dear Mom, aka, creator of kids,

Another year has passed, and I wanted to show you how much I appreciate you.

I love you even when your jaw cracks when you are chewing gum, because you always put up with my picking up the boys 45 minutes late when I say I will only be 10 minutes late.

Just as dirty diapers never end, my love for you will never end, as proven when you used to grab my crotch in the department store to make sure the pants I was trying on fit and I didn’t run away from home or call child protective services.

You are just like a kitten; furry, sweet, and with claws.

Mostly, mom, I love you because when I’m annoyed at the world because when people wear patterned flannel pajamas and fuzzy slippers to walmart, you always take the time to say to me, “just calm down.”

Thank you, mom, for always cooking two dishes for dinner so I don’t have to eat onions, watching the boys on Mondays and Sundays, and paying for dinner when we go out to eat.



AKA – the one that always got annoyed when people would talk with their mouth full of food.

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