I am not a portrait photographer.

I am not a portrait photographer.
For they only photograph faces.

I am not a landscape photographer.
For they only photograph things that are beautiful.

I am not an industrial photographer.
For they only photograph metal and brick.

I am not a writer.
For they only use words to paint pictures.

I’m a storyteller photographer. But I am not a photojournalist.
I add in and take out elements of each, and combine them, so you know something about the people or places.

I mix words + images, people + landscapes, scenic + industrial, but almost never all of them, and not in that order.

People find me, and I photograph their story.

This barn is not random.
This field is not random.
The people silhouetted are not random.

They are all elements of the story of a family on Beef Trail, where a father/grandfather grew up.

A photo of the old wood barn where they children who are now adults once played, the adult children who are now having children of their own.

Shown here: the O’Leary Family. Charlie OLear, Kristi O’Lear, Emily Barke, Joel Barke, Russell O’Lear



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