Food Fight – Why not have a little fun in your family portraits?

Food Fight!!!

The two younger girls could. not. WAIT to throw popcorn at each other at the end of the portrait session! And all I wanted to do was eat that salty, buttery, oh-so-deliciously greasy bag of popcorn, of which filled its scent in my mom-awesome mini van as I drove to one of my favorite Butte, Montana locations for family portraits.

The best part? The girls have a little tradition that I used to do as a child. Every day as a child after the microwave popcorn was ravaged by my family, I would scrape the inside of the bag with fingers and lick off all of that animal fat + sodium goodness.

So to my delight the girls did the same after the food fight!

Tell me…why does butter have to taste so good and be so bad?

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