Model Call – Deep Roots of Butte Photography Project

Butte, Montana Family portraits don’t need to be boring. They don’t need to be stale or like anything you’ve ever seen. They no longer need to just show what you LOOK like.

Pictures can tell your story.

What happens when you dig deep into your family shoe box full of photos and see photos of your mother, your Grandma or Great-Grandma? These images transport you back…you can smell your mother’s perfume, feel her arms wrapped around your father. There is a lot of laughter, giggling, tears and feelings of, “those were the days.”

Your children and grand-children want the same thing.

They want the ability to be transported back to those crazy, busy, hectic, love-filled days of their childhood, where they could smell your perfume and feel your arms wrapped around them. Family pictures right here in Butte can do just that.

“But I’m Busy!”

You are probably running three children across town every day for soccer practice and dance lessons, choir lessons and ACT tutoring while also trying to balance having a life of your own, making time for “date night” and who knows, getting more than six hours of sleep! So who has TIME for family portraits and figuring out when and where and…just all of these thoughts are overwhelming you already.

Good News.

We need models/participants in our new Deep Roots Project, and the time commitment is only 30-60 minutes for the session, and another few minutes to plan where we’ll go (we’ll ask all of the questions and tell you what to wear) and another 30-60 minutes to help us pick out a photo perfect to display at the Clark Chateau.

What it’s about

I need a person/people/families that have roots in Butte for a photo project!

I am working on a community project called “Deep Roots” to photograph the people that have a lot of family history in the area. These portraits will be shown at the Clark Chateau starting at the end of September.

I need your helping in guiding me toward some of the awesome people in this community! You would probably be perfect for this project, so please, don’t be modest! Your history can be small or large…maybe one of your parent’s/grandparents worked in one of the mines, or maybe you have a family tradition of making pasty’s with your grandma, etc.

If you could send me an email at or call me at 406-533-8125 I would love it!

A Small Taste Below:

 The photo above is a sample of what has already been created, with
The photo above is a sample of what has already been created, with “Toots” Vucurovich seated next to her old neighbor’s front steps at camera right (the home is now demolished) and in front of where her old family home used to exist (where the new brewery is now). You do NOT need a huge extended family, it can just be yourself, or your parent/grandparent, or maybe you have a 5th generation great granddaughter that was just born and just want a photo of HER….or maybe you life in one of the historic uptown buildings….the possibilities are endless! Again, contact me to participate/nominate! Email or call me at 406-533-8125 I would love it!