PB Day 2

7 Day Photo Challenge – Day 2

I felt the cold eyes of parents judging me.

I mean, what kind of a parent brings their kids to a splash park in jean shorts and a super absorbent 5T diaper?

My two-year-old’s shorts were sagging down past his bum.

Every 2 minutes I had to sprint across the splash park to pull them up, while doing the run-and-look over my shoulder to make sure my 6-week old baby wasn’t getting kidnapped.

Then almost face planting.

Then feeling judged again.

I mean, what kind of a parent leaves an infant unattended?


But I’m preaching to the choir, aren’t I?

You know what it’s like to juggle children in public.

And you know what it’s like to feel like other parents are judging you for what you are or aren’t doing (because we’ve all been the one doing the judging)

Being a parent?

Is a tough job. The hardest job.


The embarrassing moment when you take your child to daycare and realize his uncut toenails have thick dirt beneath them, his feet are covered in something sticky, and his Car’s flip-flops are on the wrong feet.

7 Day Photo Binge Day 2: Photograph the funny yet embarrassing things your kids do


Answer this question:

What little things are kind of annoying, but funny at the same time?

For me personally, it’s my 4-year old putting on two shirts…not the normal wear a white long sleeved shirt under another short sleeved shirt…like he wears a striped casual shirt then puts a bright red patterned Christmas vest over top.

I know what you’re thinking. That’s so cute! How is that ever annoying?

Well – when you’re late for a meeting and your kid is screaming as you’re ripping off the vest because you want him to look presentable (again, the other parents will JUDGE me!), then it’s annoying.

So take a breather and think about those enraged, annoyed mom moments, when your kids are actually being pretty cute.

Take a photo on whatever camera you have handy, and Instagram #7dayphotobinge. Don’t forget to write a caption about what you love so much about this moment!

And email me back with a link to your photo! I’d love to check it out!