How to choose a photographer

With so many photography websites, how on EARTH are you supposed to choose who the right photographer is for YOU and how will you know if we are the right studio for you?

Step 1: Do you love our work?

If yes, go to step 2. If no, that’s ok, our photography is bold, modern and spontaneous. We realize some people would rather have traditional photos, and our style isn’t perfect for everyone!

Step 2: Which do you prefer?

A. One single nice image of what you look like for the yearbook.

B. Photos that explore who you are and show your style u0026amp; amazing athletic abilities, so that you can re-live your senior year and blow your friends away with your beauty (inside and out) on your Instagram and facebook pages.

If A, we probably aren’t the right studio for you. That’s ok! We specialize in blowing your senior session out of the water by creating images that look like they are ripped out of a magazine and actually show who you are, not just what you look like.

If B, then we are so excited! Move on to step 3.

Step 3: Are you a professional model?

If your answer is yes, then we may or may not be the right studio for you! You have probably had your photo taken and feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera already. If your answer is no, then PERFECT! We specialize in making you feel confident, comfortable and beautiful in front of the camera – not awkward and weird. The way we work, we often do the pose for you first so that you can visualize it.

Step 4: Drop us a line, and we can chat more about your senior session and set a date!

* Note: we are usually booked out 3-4 weeks in advance. So in order to get a time that works best for you, please make plans in advance.

I absolutely loved my senior session! I don’t think it could of been more fun! I was worried about having the same generic senior pictures as everyone else but they are so different and fun! Lisa loves what she does and it definitely shows! I love how you get everyone’s personality to show through their pictures! It is very original! Thank you so much for making my session fun and memorable!

— Kenna Murphy – Capital High School Class of 2015