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The Business Boosting Marketing Narrative:

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The Business Boosting Marketing Narrative:

How to Create High-Quality Photos of Your Own, Pair it With Intriguing Words, and Create a Narrative that Grabs Attention, Sets You Apart, and “Sells” Without Being Salesy

  • How to create high-quality photos of your products and services for social media with your cell phone, even if your pandemic workspace is your garage, or your pea-green shag carpeted basement.

  • What to say in your photo captions so you can share your story, boost business, elicit an emotional response, and be seen as human instead of just a business.

  • How to create a narrative through photos and words that gets your past and future customers to think, “wow, it’s like this person is reading my mind, they know my problem better than I do.”

Lisa Edwards the owner of Lisa Wareham Photography, and her work has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Layers Magazine, Montana Magazine, and more. She is also the owner of the online education Business Photo Bacon, where she teaches photographers how write copy that grabs attention and sells their business, and generate more sessions.




Random Facts

  • I have a dog named Millie – DOG LOVER HERE!

  • I secretly hate it when an old building is being remodeled – I LOVE peeling paint and old door knobs!

  • I’m addicted to Starbucks…Iced Mocha’s, no whip!

  • To me, heaven is exploring an abandoned building with ancient artifacts…each item tells its own story

  • I believe in Butte…its people, its history, everything.

  • Its not an adventure unless you are worried the ceiling or floor boards might cave in at any given moment.

  • I can 80’s dance like nobody’s business! Well…that can be debated 😉

  • I heart awkwardfamilyphotos.com. If you need a good laugh, go there!

  • To me, weathered wood, layers of old wallpaper and dings in a wall are like wrinkles – beautiful because they tell a mysterious story of what once was.

  • I think a person is a made of their history – the people and places that once were…I love family land, an old Taxi company that was started by a great-grandfather, a quiet place you’ve enjoyed reading books at.