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A Butte Story: love conquering blindness + Deep Roots Model Call


“I love things that are old and glittery, that come with layers of glamour and past live.” – Candace Bushnell

I have a hard time telling my out-of-town friends the wild u0026amp; epic stories of Butte.

Maybe you can relate.

I fear they’ll think I’m telling a “tall tale,” that I’m exaggerating, or just flat-out lying.

But all of you fellow Butte folk know these stories aren’t only true, but actually tamed down from what you heard.


From remembering the cops busting his parent’s moonshine stills in Bernie Lazarie’s story,



to true love overcoming blindness in the story of the late Toots Vucurovich.


The stories of Soda Bread, Pasty’s, u0026amp; peddling goods.



The Deep Roots Project is back again, for round 2. And we need more families to photograph.

The deep roots of Butte families are fascinating to me, along with the stories they tell. The miners that immigrated, the businesses that started in the early 1900s and are still family owned.


Stories so good, “Layers Magazine” published a photo and short paragraph about this Deep Roots Project a few months ago, and videographer Caitlin Bailey created a short film about the Deep Roots project for “The Montana Experience: Stories from Big Sky Country”


We are continuing the “Deep Roots” photography project to unravel the stories of the Butte Community, and recognize the people this rich city was built on. Not from Butte? That’s ok, we are also accepting people in the communities nearby, such as Anaconda and Whitehall. We will photograph these groups or individuals in Mid to late April, and the images will be used in a gallery showing in late 2016. These photo sessions will be complimentary, and a model release must be signed for all participants.


New this year:

Each session will include at least one audio interview to be combined with the final artwork, to create even more impact, and make sure the stories of our heritage continue on. You can view an audio/photo combe about the bootlegging story here.

Our Goal:

Our goal is to create images that Explore your Story, that answer the question, “How deep are your roots?” We want to create images rich in meaning and history.

Who are we looking for:

People who are proud of where they came from. You must be proud of your community, your heritage, the story of your past. We are looking for people with deep roots and  history in the Butte u0026amp; the immediate surrounding communities (Anaconda, etc). Does your family own a business started in 75 years ago? Was your grandfather or father a miner? Were you born and raised in Butte and married in one of the historic churches?


Who this project is NOT for:

We are looking to create images to tell the story of your roots. If you don’t believe photos are important to tell the story of you and your family, than this project is not for you. If you don’t value photographs as a family heirloom and think of them as priceless treasures, then this project is not for you.


Sessions April 13-29th, 9-5 on weekdays.




To create new images for our gallery show to be held later in 2016.


The Value:


You will receive a complimentary photo session valued at $150, and a $50 credit toward prints if you wish to own the images. There is no obligation to purchase anything, but just so you know, our print collections start at $395 and go up from there.


Due Date for participation:


Please fill out the linked form at the bottom of this email by Friday, April 8th.

How can I be a part of this?

Please click the link below and fill out the form, telling us your information and why you have deep roots in your community.

Click here to participate


Please feel free to share this with anyone you might think would be interested!