Color Fight Ready

The Color Fight Session Images are Ready!

Before you click the link into the gallery below, a few things:

1. Your Color Fight Session purchase includes

  • A free 3×3 Artists Choice Metal Ornament. This is a designed ornament with the photographers favorite image. You won’t need to choose anything for this – we will put it in with your order when you use your print credit and pick your order up.
  • $47 in print credit (check your email for your gift card code). You will use your gift card code upon checkout.

2. The image gallery will expire on 12/16/16, and all print credit will be forfeited at that time. Un-ordered images are not archived.

3. Ordering online:

  • To view packages, either click the “packages” tab at the top menu bar, OR click on an image, click “buy,” then “other items” and packages will pop up.
  • Galleries are in alphabetical order by the purchaser’s first name as it appeared when they purchased the session through paypal (so if your paypal account is your maiden name, please look for that). The Green Categories, ex, “Lisa Wareham” on the left sidebar are where you will click to view your image.
  • To purchase an a la carte print or package, click on the image you’d like, then click “purchase.” At that point it will ask you if you would like to purchase a package, a la carte, etc.
  • USING YOUR CREDIT: Do not put your gift card # in the “coupon code.” Sadly it won’t work. Your gift card code will be put in AFTER you click check out, AFTER you put in your billing info, and BEFORE you put in your credit card/paypal number, in the “gift card” box.
  • IF you for some reason forget to use your gift credit, please email, let us know, and I will refund you the $47 credit amount to your paypal account immediately.

4. If you have any problems with the gallery:

  1. It may be that your office or present location have a ban on photo sharing sites. You might need to try a new location or computer.
  2. Call us! 406-533-8125, or email us at for help.

The Gallery

Password: crazycolor

Click Here to Go to Image Gallery!


Password: crazycolor

Click Here to Go to Image Gallery!