Time Lapse: 168 Lost 100 Years Ago


100 Years Ago in Butte, the “deadliest disaster to occur in hard-rock mining” happened…

And we are part of a group helping to pay tribute to those 168 miners lost in 1917 in the Granite Mountain/Speculator Mine Disaster.

On Monday, May 22nd in the morning, 168 students, teachers and adults went down into the underground mine of the Orphan Girl to pay tribute. Adults and children did similar outside of the Granite Mountain Memorial on the same day at sundown.

Each of the 168 names of the miners were called, and as each name was called, a single candle was darkened, until none were left.

To view all of the photos, please visit this link:

Below is a time-lapse of the candles being extinguished, until all is dark.