Speculator 100 Year Photo

IMAGE ABOVE: Creidt Silver-Bow Public Archives – Minters at the Speculator Mine in Butte

100 Years Ago in Butte, the “deadliest disaster to occur in hard-rock mining” happened…

And we are part of a group helping to pay tribute to those 168 miners lost in 1917 in the Granite Mountain/Speculator Mine Disaster.

On Monday, May 22nd at sundown (arrive at roughly 8:30 pm, exact time TBD) we will photograph a crowd of people (read on if you want to be a part of this) with 168 candles in front of the Granite Mountain Memorial in Butte.

There will be a reading of the notes that were written by some of the miners while they were waiting to be rescued, as well as a role call where we the reading of each minters name will be read, a bell rung, and a single candle extinguished.

Please signup below to be a part of this historical photo (or signup HERE if you can’t participate but want to see the resulting photos), and historical experience. We will email you updated times, parking information, and what to wear. (signup is REQUIRED so that we can ensure the correct resources, send you info on clothing (such as please don’t wear hot pink), and so that we can ENSURE we have AT LEAST 168 people!

Please also indicate if you have a mining heritage, you/your family is in the mining industry, if you have lost a loved one in a mining accident, etc (***important: EVERYONE can participate, we just want to be able to tell the stories of those who participated once the photo is completed).

*****COMING SOON: Thanks to Sponsors, Chris Fisk for organizing this, ETC…


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