Now Hiring

Now hiring: Monkey-noise making, speed-demon at learning, lover of 80’s music and boring podcasts.


We are looking for a friendly, speed-demon at learning, computer-savvy person to fill a part-time clerical and customer service position! This position is very computer based, and many programs and files are on the cloud.

Random sense of humor suggested but not required. Ability to keep a straight face while the word “baconator” is in your email signature suggested but not required (if you’re intrigued by that last sentence, you may just be right for the job). Must fancy dogs – specifically Billy Bob the studio dog. Must be ok to hold a baby, and be drooled on by the baby (and a dog), if needed.

Must be able to embarrass oneself every once in awhile by making monkey noises and doing other self-degrading things to get kids to smile.


The job is right for you if:

  • You need flexible hours due to being a parent, being a student, or having another job.

  • You’re fast at learning new computer software

  • You don’t want to work evenings or weekends (one day per week required to work until 6:30)

  • You think dogs are cool.

  • You think babies are cool.

  • You love listening to informative podcasts, 80’s music, and top 40 music equally.


This job is not right for you if:

  • Parts of this email offend you

  • You’re not sure what  “on the cloud” means

  • To you learning new software is worse than giving birth.

  • You have “fear of commitment” – you can’t commit to at least 15 hours a week.

  • You loathe talking to people on the phone.

  • You despise dogs

  • Babies make you nervous.

  • You don’t have a driver’s license, AND a reliable car AND car insurance.

  • “Boring” podcasts and 80’s music make you want to poke your eye out.



Job Details:

  • 15-30 hrs/week, M-F, one evening a week required (no need to work past 6:30, unless you want to work evenings)

  • Pay: Depends on experience

  • Flexible hours (we will work together to set your own hours)

  • Must have driver’s license and full car insurance (running errands required)

  • Must be able to lift at least 25 pounds (picking up and delivering packages required)



Qualities we’re looking for:

  • Fast at learning new computer software

  • Friendly, particularly on the phone with customers

  • Experienced in Microsoft Word and Excel



Tasks include:

  • Clerical:

    • Calling clients

    • Email and phone correspondence

    • Packaging photo orders

    • Delivering orders and running errands

    • Data entry

    • Assisting at event photography (only a few times a year)

    • Organizing files

  • Computer based:

    • Blog formatting

    • Organizing computer files

    • Using photography software to order photos

  • Much, much more



To apply:

Please send a resume and cover letter to or mail to 102 W Granite, Butte, MT 59701. No in-person deliveries, please. We are a by appointment studio only.